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Hotel Booking Software Room Tariff

Rate Code
Here you can define the rate for a particular room type, define the rates applicable for that room for particular days of calendar and add a brief description about the hotel room. The rate code module allows you to set up prices for the particular room type very easily and effectively. You can define different daily rates for the room according to the hotel season and workings. You can define the max & min nights for which the room can be booked. You can set prices for the room according to the occupancy of the room booked by the customer. You can also close the hotel bookings for some particular days as per the hotel needs. You can also add the optional extras that are available for the room. You can set up the percentage of tax applicable for the room. You can also add different promotional codes available for rate code giving special discounts to some of your loyal customers. You can also define the membership type for the room. The room fares can be set up on a regular basis as per the hotel workings.
Hotel Booking Software Rate Code
Rate Allocations
Rate Allocation
Rate Allocation section allows you to set up prices for the rate code for a single room type for any specific day(s). The rate allocation module allows you to setup rates for any specific range of days or a specific single day even. It also comes up with a day-wise and month-wise rate management module to update and set up rates on a daily or monthly basis. Rate allocation is quick, accurate, speedy and easy. The Central Reservation System even allows user to update specific sections of rate fares with just few click making management of rates a too easy task.
Optional Extra Rate
This section allows you to define the various optional extra that are available in the hotel and they can be allocated to rooms through the rate code module. Our Hotel Room Booking System Software defines the optional extra based on the category such as “Is Breakfast?”, “Is Early Check-In?” etc. You can also set the price of each optional extra for an adult/child or you can also charge it as a particular hotel service. You can activate / deactivate the optional extra for certain date ranges in the calendar.
Optional Extra Rate