Trademark Journal Watch

Trademark Journal Watch

Software for Companies for easier work-flow management

At Iolite, we have designed a Journal verification software that allows users to scan all trademarks published in any given journal and track all deceptively similar trademarks matching their filed brand names. We have designed this software especially for Trademark Agents & Attorney in India to track deceptively similar trademarks published in the Official Journal of Registry of India.

Trademark Journal Watch Services

We offer this solution on a "Journal Based" Subscription where a user can subscribe to any given number of Trademark Journals published every Monday. We offer an on-premise solution where the complete software and data are stored on a PC at the client's premises.

The Software offers all traditional methods to search deceptively similar trademark i.e. Start with, Contain, Phonetic, and also employs the special AI-driven search to offer the best possible outcomes to the users. Using the software you can also generate preformatted template-based Proposed Opposition letters to clients and either print or email them to clients.

Using the Trademark Journal Watch Software you can also detect all published trademarks and send intimation to your client using the preformatted template-based Publication Letter.

Trademark Journal Tracking / Watch Services

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Trademark Journal Opposition
  • Multiple User Software with central data storage.
  • Reducing the time spent on checking the journal from weeks to days.
  • Information flow process across the trademark opposition team becomes systematic, structured, swift, accurate, simplified and independent of Human Resources
  • Iolite ensures efficient management of a large volume of data with minimum resources.
  • The software helps generate new leads for opposition thereby increasing your yield from professional fees.
  • Increase in productivity and reduction in the overall cost of monitoring the weekly journals.
  • Despite all these benefits and many more, the services of the Iolite Trademark Journal Opposition Watch tool offered at industry best price.
  • A weekly download of new published journal or gazette in the software.
  • Store your trademark data ones and use it across all journals.
  • Trademark Search using Phonetic algorithm, Prefix/ Suffix & Contains, AI-based Percentage Match Search.
  • Provide fast & accurate reports of deceptively similar trademarks that need to be opposed. Powerful tool to eliminate human errors and reduces cost & time.
  • Comprehensive Reports with side by side comparison of your and opponent trademark.
  • Facility to bookmark search results for quick future access.
  • Facility to generate Print / Email of proposed opposition letter along with the PDF page of the Journal/ Gazette.
  • Track all your published trademarks in the Journal or Gazette and generate Print/ Email of Publication Letter just with a click.
  • The Opponent Trademark Publication feature enables you to track publications by opponents.
  • 100 % computer-aided solution for tracking deceptively similar trademarks in published journals.
  • Timely reports of deceptively similar trademarks allow you to coordinate with your clients on the fastest course of action.
Upto 50%
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