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Today's world is a fast competitive world where every second in the business process counts. The currently working real estate companies have a very orthodox and lengthy procedure for booking of the properties. The clerical staff has to record each and every booking done by them, also maintain a report of the current booked and available properties. They also have to maintain list of cancellations of the bookings done by them previously. This complete process is too time consuming and error prone if done on paper pen, more over with the real estate companies growing larger and larger it is difficult to maintain the list of booked and available property across all offices/ branches. Our Real Estate Booking Software is meant to lessen the work load and the complexities that booking staff has to face while manage the records with an ease and in a fraction of miniature. The complete system stays online and the staff member across all offices can view the data updates in real time.
In the Real Estate Sector we have developed a Software System that keeps your record up-to-date in a quick way with a fraction of seconds. Our Real Estate Management System deliberately planned to facilitate with high qualitative results as per the needs of our customer and gives a hand to deal with complexities while booking the procedure with an ease.

Our Real Estate Management System is preset with real time Update Automate System and has a Multi User Online Application so as to operate anywhere and anytime in the world.

For instance, Booking Management Staff can book their plots, flats, bungalows, industrial sheds, offices etc., this can be change or edit as per the needs of our customers. The staff members have the facility in the software to create virtual properties in the system with their area and size mentioned in each property.

Our software helps Booking Management Staff to keep and maintain records as and when is needed, so as to reduce exhaustion of mankind, which results in cost-effectiveness and accumulate time saving.

List of Features :

  • Facility to add all categories of real estate projects.
  • Facility to add blocks, floor and entity to each project.
  • Store Sq Meters based Area of each entity along with facility to chose the entity type and have special data entry option in special types of entities.
  • Facility to draw units on plot plans (Auto CAD jpg drawing) in plotting scheme type project and store the complete project.
  • Virtual View of the plots in 2D to view current bookings and available bookings and 3D view in case of the flats or office bookings.
  • Facility to view the current booker on just mouse over an entity in virtual view.
  • Facility to book an entity on clicking the entity in virtual view.
  • Facility to store the booking details and date of booking etc for each entity and also edit it.
  • Facility to store the agent ref in booking and also note the booker or staff member doing data entry.
  • Facility to cancel a booking, add details of cancellation and also make property available for booking.
  • Special virtual view of the plot properties and have a special zoom look of the property with the measurement markings.
  • Rotating view of the current booking of the project for display on LCD or booking counters at Project Mahurat (Inauguration).
  • Reports with search facility to populate concise data as per need and export to excel facility for storage purpose and other uses.
  • Payment slab creation facility to completely create properties payment slab as per need
  • Add payment to the slab as per need and payment carry forwarding facility as per slab.
  • Facility to edit the payment slabs and their details.
  • Staff management and staff role management to restrict rights as per need. Staff role system is completely customizable as per need.
  • Facility to restrict user to specific projects as per need.
  • Facility to manage masters like Payment Stage Master, Associate Master, Project Category Master, Unit Type Master, Staff Role Master, Staff Master.


The software has a booking window from where the staff members can pick up a property and book it. It also has a cancellation window where the staff members can cancel the already booked property. The software also comprises of a Virtual rotating display of booked and non booked properties. The software also provides property / scheme wise reports as follows :
1. Area Report
2. Booking Report
3. Booking Cancellation Report
4. Stock Report
5. Payment Due Schedule Report
6. Payment Status Report
7. Master Project Report
Our software covers all real estate sectors such as Residential, Commercial, Plotting Development, Bungalow, Tenements / Duplex Flats, Row Houses, Shops, Industrial Sheds, Commercial Go downs, Club House Membership, Shopping Mall and many more.

The Real estate booking software has features to insert the complete scheme into the system i.e. say for a residential scheme we have features to enter all the blocks, floors, units on each floor and also complete information of each unit.