Overview - Lupin Limited

Lupin Limited is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai, it is one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies by revenue globally. The company's key focus areas include pediatrics, cardiovascular, anti-infectives, diabetology, asthma, and anti-tuberculosis. Key markets 1. United States 2. India Region Formulations (IRF) 3. Europe 4. Japan 5. South Africa 6. Australia 7. Philippines 8. Mexico & Latin America

Currently, Lupin has 2500+ trademarks registered in its name in India and across the globe and they are active trademark filer.

Challenge 1: Presently the Trademark System at Lupin Limited caters only to Trademarks within the Indian domain. Solution: Law Engine of Iolite Trademark Management Software manages the different types of trademark applications filed in various jurisdictions like Domestic, International, Madrid, EUTM, ARIPO & OAPI. It also offers to manage the Trademark Oppositions as Applicant or as Opponent.

Challenge 2: The current system is standalone for the legal team (TM section) and does not integrate either with its customers (IRF) nor with external Attorney firms.

Solution: Iolite TMS offers Client-Server web-based architecture, which makes it a platform-independent multi-user solution. It is specially designed for in-house counsels and integrates the Inter-Departmental users, Marketing Team, and Legal Team, whilst maintaining agreed levels of restricted access to the external attorney firms on a single platform.

Challenge 3: While the lifecycle management of an Indian TM is managed, any improvements and customization to the existing system are difficult since it is on a lotus platform which would be phased out shortly. Sharing of info is through emails.

Solution: The software is built on the latest technologies and frameworks accepted as per international standards. This application runs on the network environment so it can be said as a network application, server-client technology and deployed/hosted on Windows Web Server, and can be accessed by users using any standard web browser from anywhere in the world on the Internet. Customizable Solution is provided since it is proprietary software. Iolite is an Indian Software Firm with a team of dedicated and highly skilled software professionals having more than 10 years of specialized experience in Intellectual Property Law and Rules.

Challenge 4: In view of the Transnational presence of Lupin there is a critical need to manage the lifecycle of TMs owned/licensed to Lupin situated across the world. In view of the shortcoming of the current system, its inability to scale up, integrate with workflow and handle complex regulatory environment across the globe, there is a need for a comprehensive TM lifecycle management software which addresses all the needs of the Users.

Solution: The Iolite Trademark & Patent Management System is used to manage the lifecycle of TMs and Patents owned/licensed to Lupin or any of its subsidiaries irrespective of its location/ownership in any part of the world. Iolite encompasses all Acts, Rules, Regulations, Forms, Schedules as applicable to various regions of the world which are kept updated by Iolite at all times. The system has the capability of workflow management, maintaining a Repository of all TMs owned/licensed to Lupin or any of its subsidiaries.

The system is transparent, user-friendly, and intuitive. Appropriate Reminders/Alerts to all the relevant user groups would assist in timely compliances to all upcoming schedules. The system has a feature to handle/manage a mark with Multiple classes and applied in multiple countries.

It has excellent flexible Reporting capabilities and very strong search facilities with deadline maintenance. It is a very secured system with clearly defined user access rights. It is in a position to integrate with various user groups within and outside Lupin be it Attorney firms or their Associates or Lupin team members wherever they may be located.

The system also has the capability of tracking cost, expenses relating to the TMs and maintain all relevant information relating to conflicts and oppositions. The system is flexible to import data, information documents from Attorneys/ External parties (subject to access rights) to enable the Lupin team to instruct the Attorneys on the Trademarks to be opposed. Alerts/Notifications (from the system with email alerts and pop-ups on receipt of email) / Reminders are an integral part of the system.

Challenge 5: How Iolite to help team lupin when they were forced to work from home in unprecedented time which we had never foreseen ever before due to lockdown in Mumbai which lasted more than 12 months.

Solution: In the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, when all the team members were compelled to work from home from remote locations, Iolite Trademark Management Software proved to be a blessing in disguise as it is hosted on secured Lupin Cloud Server and hence all the required data and documents were easily accessible in an organized manner at a single fail-safe location. It enabled all staff members to work collaboratively and seamlessly on various projects from different locations since the software offered all the data and documents stored systematically and accurately at a centralized single platform. The relationship of Lupin with Iolite has strength over the years due to its prompt and efficient customer services to ensure a good customer reputation and customer satisfaction even in the time of this pandemic.

What Trademark Team at Lupin has to say about Iolite?

We are very happy & satisfied with the solution, services, and support given by team IOLITE and would not hesitate to recommend their products and services to other companies considering a move to a digital legal workspace.