Overview - Himalaya Global Holdings Ltd.

Case Study of HIMALAYA GLOBAL HOLDINGS LIMITED for managing their Global Trademark Portfolio with the help of Iolite Trademark Management Software

Himalaya Global Holdings Ltd. (HGHL) is the parent of The Himalaya Drug Company worldwide. It is located at Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is also the global headquarters of all Himalaya subsidiaries.

The Himalaya Drug Company is a very renowned Indian company established by Shri M Manal in 1930. It produces health care products under the name Himalaya Herbal Healthcare whose products include ayurvedic ingredients.

It is spread across locations in India, United States, Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Oceania, while its products are sold in 106 countries across the world.

HGHL has more than 4000+ trademark applications filed in various countries and regions across the world.

The contemporary method of maintaining the records was spreadsheets and many retained attorneys were taking care of the trademark portfolio filed across different countries.

The major challenge faced by HGHL management was that the trademark portfolio owned was scattered across different countries & attorneys. HGHL various legal team members coordinated with these attorneys via email for application, examinations, and renewal, therefore it was not easy to retrieve and track the details and status of each of such Trademark applications.

Trademark needs to be renewed every 10 years post-registration and if proper records are not maintained then it becomes a hassle to track renewals from an attorney after such a long period since staffs at attorneys end and company end change in such a long duration.

There were instances where the attorneys from whom the trademark registration activity was carried out were swapped to new attorneys who had no idea of the previous registrations and upcoming renewals to be done.

There were a lack of centralized data and document storage systems which made it difficult to track which applications were handled by which attorneys in more than 60 countries and their contact details. Since the filings were segregated across various jurisdictions, important documents such as Registration Certificates which are very crucial to the management team were very hard to track and access.

Solution :Iolite Trademark Management Software was a one-stop software solution for resilient storage of all the data, deadlines, and documents relating to the complete life cycle of trademark for the management team.

The team from across the globe was able to store their data at a single centralized repository which allowed them to manage the portfolio with better efficiency and accuracy.

The management team was able to access all the crucial and important documents such as certificates with a single click on their Desktop/Laptop.

They were able to track the filing and handling attorneys for a varied portfolio spread across various years and jurisdictions.

The Expense Management Module of the software allowed the team to register various expenses they incurred with regards to professional fees of attorneys and official fees of the trademark offices, get the necessary approval inside the software itself and store the payment details of the expenses.